Battlefield 4 Website Teases “All Out War” – First Images of the [Mil Mi-28N Havoc] and Type 99 Tank



Yesterday DICE and EA revealed a set of mysterious characters that will presumably play a role in Battlefield 4‘s setting or story.

Today, DICE rolls out the machines of war and we get a better look at “all out warfare.” Two new images reveal some of the deadly vehicles that you’ll have the pleasure of piloting or driving in Battlefield 4.





the tank in this image to be the Chinese Type 99 MBT.

Clearly, DICE is showing off elements of the Chinese military that will be present in battlefield 4. An earlier image teased the idea of a Chinese female character playing a role in the story while another teased the city of Shanghai as an important aspect of Battlefield 4′s setting. We’ll surely learn more this Tuesday, March 26 late night when Battlefield 4 is set for its official unveiling.