Official ORS Rules

These rules have to be followed by all ORS members it’s ok to break on of these rules once in while, “nobody is perfect” BUT if you continue breaking the rules over and over you will receive consequences it. So please make sure you follow them.

➠ 1.Do not disrespect any leaders or clan mates.

This means you can’t disrespect any of your leaders or clan mates anywhere. It’s ok to play around once in a while but make sure not to take it to FAR. Be careful who you mess with, some people take shit seriously.

➠ 2. Dishonesty.

Do not lie to any leader about anything if you are dishonest of something BIG you will be kicked out from ORS no ifs, or buts about it. If the issue isn’t that big we will talk about it, and see if you get a consequence or a warning.

➠ 3. You MUST be active.

We want ORS to be a really active clan, so you have to actively talk in our BATTLELOG page, read new posts and comment, most importantly play BF3 actively. We really want this to be active. We will kick any member that doesn’t do so.

➠ 4. DON’T leave games unless you have to.

When you join a game with ORS members, try not to leave the game, even if you’re losing or playing bad. At least wait till the round’s over before leaving because leaving in the game could leave your fellow team-mate
under more pressure.


ORS is not a hacking clan you can get the fuck out if you think so. If we catch a ORS member hacking, we will kick the nigga out right a way, doesn’t matter if you were loyal or who you are.

➠ 6. Maturity

Do not over use “g4u” ‘n1c” “csb’. Like I said it’s ok to say them once in a while but all the time -.- it gets old. If I keep seeing you say them all the time I will give you a warning and if you refuse to stop you will be kicked out. Some people are scared to say anything because they think they will get those gay responses.

Treat others as you want to be treated.


3 thoughts on “RULES

  1. I have to comment on rule number 3 . during school days it’s very hard to be active and we cant leave our work and play BF3 🙂 with all the respect 😉 whats your comment ?

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