-Statistical Requirements:

2.00+ K/D Minimum, SPM 450+, W/L 1.3+.
if not you need to show skills.

-Personal Requirements:

Aged 14+, can speak english at a good level, Active on BATTLELOG/BF3/Loyal, mature.

-Pro Requirements:

it’s Preferred to have Mic, HD PVR, Premium member, P.S: it’s not necessary to have them.


 Leave your Comment with this Requirements and We will message you ASAP.


9 thoughts on “RECRUITMENT ZONE

  1. Hi i played with one of youre clan memebers tonight added him as a friend, am part of a clan already but am looking for a new one as many are inactive now 😦 my battlelog is Brooksy__21 check my profile think it fits youre requirments am from the UK ages 21, also the guy i played with was [BW]etch201 iv added you as a friend on battlelog bw-redforce aswell 🙂 get intouch pleaseee 😀

  2. Looking for a competitive clan for me and my friends to join for bf3 & bf4. Red Force posted on my thread on battle log and I’m replying cuz I am interested.

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