BF3 Premium – Celebrate the New Year With 2XP

Beginning January 1, 2013, Battlefield 3 Premium members on all platforms will have the chance to celebrate the new year with some ever-so-sweet double XP.

“Ring in the new year playing the new Aftermath expansion while scoring Double XP! All Battlefield 3 Premium members will get double XP across all ranked maps and modes!” reads Battlefield 3′s Faebook page.

DICE lists the start as follows (the event runs for a total of 144 hours):

  • Los Angeles 1AM January 1
  • Stockholm 10AM January 1
  • Paris 10AM January 1
  • New York 4AM January 1
  • Tokyo 6PM January 1
  • Moscow 1PM January 1
  • Egypt 9PM January 1

By now, Battlefield 3′s fourth expansion, Aftermath, is available to download for all Premium members, so now would be a good time as any to learn these new maps inside-out and get some good game time in the new setting.